Hello! I’m Sneha, an independent illustrator & brand designer currently based in London.

“My work is a visual transcript of my self development journey with a mix of my curiosities and the unknown.”

I am often inspired by the intriguing visuals during my meditative practices and explore them further in my morning routines (which are a little elaborate)My work is all about telling stories that intrigue me. It has and underlying theme of wellness which is an extension of my personality. Apart from that, you can find that my Pinterest is populated with a constant dose of visuals inspiration, from vintage Indian ephemera to interiors, architecture and nature.

I strongly believe in inspiring and nurturing the community so we can grow better together. I strive to bridge the gap between newcomer artists and the illustration industry through small efforts that I take through my social channels and my newsletter.

I love working for commercial projects as it provides me with a unique opportunity to strategize and work towards my client’s objectives using my experience as a brand designer through my illustrations.

If you want to commission me or if you have some ideas for a fresh collaboration, mail me here: hello@snehashanker.com


I’m represented by Studio PI in the UK/Ireland. Clients can contact my agent directly: singyun.lee@studiopi.co.uk

Features // Q&A

The AOI – Campaign (2022)
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Society6 Artist Showcase(2020)
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Maker’s Magazine (July 2017)